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A Moment's Notice


A beautiful and playful dance performance that brings messages to life in unexpected ways.  It is performed by 3 expressive and spontaneous performers, Lois Taylor, Sarah Fairhall and Tommaso Giacopini, who bring a depth of insight into their work. 

With dance choreography and quick thinking in the moment improvisation, they respond to written messages and offer a highly original and engaging way to experience dance. 

We are working with these talented people:

Scenography Fiona Chivers

Lighting Tim Harding

Performance preview reviews from Calstock Arts, LEAP Lustleigh and Liskerrett Community Centre

Full of humanity and joy!

It reminds us about what it means to be human.

Beautifully hypnotic. Where did you get those flares?!!

Really enjoyed hearing the postcards from local people.

Beautiful, surreal and personal, more people should see this.

Vibrant, fun, touching, exciting. Very talented!

 Thought provoking and very accessible, witty too.

Beautifully down to earth.

An incredibly cool, interesting, unusual and special project, performances, performers and evening. More stuff like this please. Loved it. 

Available for further touring


Send us a message

Our performance is made from and inspired by your postcards.  Become a part of this growing archive of messages by writing to us.  

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