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Ready to share your Physcial Postcard in the gallery? Use the link below, it will take you to wetransfer, send your video and message to using wetransfer and we will add your video to our gallery... we'll even share it on our facebook page!  Don't forget to include a word doc with a description of your postcard - who is it for?  Who features in it?  Mention any credits or descriptions you would like to include.
Alternatively you can upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube and share the link with us. 
an ever-increasing collection of Physical Postcards and images made by us and you, to share and inspire.


This page will develop over the course of the project as the Physical Postcard community grows. It is a place to share the danced messages we have made along with those that other individuals, community groups and schools have created. We hope that you enjoy looking through the gallery and it inspires you to create your own Physical Postcard. 


Thinking of mum, not here since I was 22 but with me everywhere. She gave me breath, playfulness, laughter and sadness, she made the best fruit scones and summer dress of fresh cotton. She filled me with a restless spirit and love for the wild spaces inside and out.

"For Access"

Poppy. You change my life. Bone, muscle, warmth, speed. Your unending focus. My focus can always find you. I see myself in you and you in me. Poppykins. Popsicle. The Pop Star. You'll always be my first pony.

Made by Jana Bitterová on: Sunday, 8 November 2015 

A physical postcard from the moor.

For Chris

For Susan

For Marcia

For Bex

For Pip x

For Mum and Dad

For Yuki

For Jean

For Nanny Brighton 12th Feb 1919 to 19th Jan 2016

To our cheeky dancing shadows from Renee and TC

For Jo

For Mary

For hannah

For Coralie

Jason Thomas Performing Arts
"Wish you were here" - choreography by Robert Mennear.

For Ruby & Amelia

For Mum and Dad - Thank you for giving me life.

For Spring

All of our dance teachers who have helped us along the way 

For Bex

photo gallery

Biddlecombe 3
Biddlecombe 5
Biddlecombe 2
Biddlecombe 6
Biddlecombe 1
Photograph by Jane Spurr
Biddlecombe 4
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