What is a Physical Postcard?


A Physical Postcard is a short danced message; funny, sad, moving or hilarious.

We choreograph them, we improvise them, we film them, we share them, we keep them secret, we perform them.

We have been exploring the making and sending of them in a wide range of ways, with a wide range of people.

In 2015 / 16, we invited people to dance a message, post it from the body, send it from the landscape, capture it on film, to make something personal to treasure and share.


Film-maker Brett Harvey filmed Physical Postcards made by members of the public and gathered in THE COLLECTION. 

He also filmed MOVING MESSAGES, images and explorations of the project performed by Lois Taylor, Sarah Fairhall and Gemma Kempthorne with a sound score by Jamie Mills.


The public joined in making, filming and sharing their danced messages on social media.



Six live performance events shared the work at partner venues Sterts Theatre, Rosehip Barn and Hay Studios.


Audience feedback to the PHYSICAL POSTCARDS:


“Beautiful, skilful performers making dance fun to watch”


 "So so lovely. Wonderful, taking the audience on a journey.  This work is so important, offering the ways in, people so want that, it was a privilege to be there."


 “Wow, what a beautiful project.  A real privilege to witness this live.  Thank you for a wonderful evening.  I felt totally absorbed by the whole spirit of the project.  Very personal, authentic, honest, beautiful, moving and real.”  


 “What a capturing of the human spirit and sense of place and identity. Hearty congratulations to you all.”


How the project began.


When DR2 was inviting proposals for the SALT Festival, Lois Taylor became excited by the idea of sending a message from the coast as it offers many people a place to pause and reflect. She was grateful to DR2 for funding to further explore the prospect of developing an online gallery based on her ideas.


She then collaborated with Sarah Fairhall and Gemma Kempthorne to develop the Physical Postcards 2015/16 concept of danced messages, shaped by time and space, posted from the body in the landscape and captured on film. 


They teamed up venues local to the area - Sterts Theatre, RoseHip Barn and Hay Studio who offered space for the creative development and public sharing opportunities.


The project was made possible with funding support Arts Council Engalnd and FEAST Cornwall.