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 1. what and who


Think about what you would like your message to communicate. Who will be reading it and why do you want to send it?

 2. choose a location 


This project celebrates landscapes so choose an outdoor location from which to send (dance) your postcard which resonates with you or your message. Be sure to consider the practicalities of dancing in this setting such as how it might affect the nature of your movement, if you need to seek permission to use the space, how the setting will affect what footwear/clothing you will need to wear in order to dance safely.  

3. keep it concise


We like the idea of a postcard limiting what you say or forcing you to choose your words carefully because of the space available, so we are asking you to make your danced message no longer than one minute.

4. capture it and share!


Film it in one shot.

Use any film format.

Upload and share your
postcard in our online gallery. 


for more information or to chat to a member of the team about getting help with your postcard please contact us.


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