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curriculum links


We think the idea of postcards - writing, sending, reading them and linking people and places - offers great links into the curriculum.


Lois, Gemma and Sarah are highly experienced dance teachers and have devised workshops that offer:


  • Fun and creative warm ups


  • Guidance on how to create a danced message


  • Sending messages to each other and
    reading them!

school international links


This project offers a brilliant opportunity to connect internationally with pen pals and link with twinned schools. We can help your school choreograph a danced message to film and send or share with friends and family through online live feed.


This unique project runs until July 2016 so don’t miss out on the chance for your school and become part of the Physical Postcards community sending danced messages in school or nationally and internationally.

Physical Postcards dance workshops for schools
Physical Postcards for schools
Dance for schools
Dance workshops for schools

A Physical Postcard is a fun, new way to send a message. Sometimes words don’t say it all, so we are making messages from movement and capturing them to share with others through performance or film. 


This exciting project funded through Arts Council England and FEAST has enabled us to build a fantastic creative resource for workshops in schools.



"I found this a deeply moving and spiritual experience - thank you."

"A way of speaking truths I cannot yet say."

"Very different experience, wonderful and clever idea, thank you."

Quotes taken from Physical Postcards community workshop, Lostwithiel participants.

workshops for schools

 With support from the Arts Council we are able to offer workshops at the following discounted rates. The number of groups/pupils we work with over the course of a full or half day workshop can be negotiated to suit your needs.









Education packages can be tailored to your requirements and budget. It may be possible to offer a series of class sessions over a period of weeks if this would work better for you. Equally if there is a particular theme you are wishing to explore with your group we can incorporate this into the workshop package.


For more information or to chat to a member of the team about dance workshops in your school please contact us at


Half day workshop: £95

Full day workshop: £180

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